Topic outline

  • General

  • Course Objective


    This STARS Moodle Training course will provide an overview of what it takes to be successful as an Client Services and Operations STAR at Manhattan College.

    A variety of issues & best practices for dealing with issues will be introduced.

    Opportunities & links to get more in depth knowledge of a topic at a later date.

    By the conclusion of this course, STARS will be able to:

    1. Determine where they can go to access information they need to perform their job.
    2. Integrate technology, into problem solving.
    3. Evaluate the best course of action to follow when tackling challenges.

    Greeting from Virtual Trainer:

  • Resources and Links

  • CS&O STARS Prezi Orientation

    Also, please review attached Prezi which gives you an overview to Client Services and Operations:

  • Section 1 Policies & Procedures

    Please take time to review these important documents as they outline the policies and procedures you need to be successful as an Client Services and Operations STAR.

  • Section 2 TeamDynamix Best Practices

    Select the best answer to the following scenario:

    Whenever working on a project or ticket, ensure you leave sufficient time as your shift ends to completely update all your work on a ticket. 

  • Section 3 Cables found on Podiums

  • Section 4 Podium Guides

    Please review the attached List of Podium Guides KBA.

    Click on each picture, review the PDF and watch the video tutorial

  • Section 5 Basic Computer Setup

  • Section 6 Room Check Checklist

    The Saturday Ops team spend the day providing proactive support.  This entails visiting each classroom on campus and performing room checks:

    This serves as a guideline for a routine to follow when performing electronic room checks. Room checks are logged electronically using the Inventory tab in Self Service.  Attached KBA outlines instructions to follow for this procecure.

    After the above procedure is performed, before leaving the room you must submit an electronic room check in Self Service, which is outlined in the link found below.

    To see if a room is available, please see this movie on how to use 25Live. 25Live is a great tool that allows you to view the availability of a room. If a room is booked in 25Live, you will not be able to perform a room check for that room.

  • Section 7 Common Classroom, Conference & Computer Lab Troubleshooting Issues

    Please review attached KBAs: 

  • Section 8 Workaround Procedure

    Often when trying to solve a problem in a classroom it will be necessary to communicate a temporary solution.  Please review attached KBA on the best practice to follow for this challenge.

  • Padcaster Resources

    Please review these Padcaster Kit Knowledge Base Articles to familiarize yourself with topics regarding the Check Out, Check In Procedures, Padcaster Assembly instructions, and also the Inventory Checklists.
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